Trinity Heads
11765 Hwy 6 South
Navasota, TX 77868 USA
Phone: 936-825-6581
Fax: 936-825-6470

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We manufacture a broad range of head sizes. Standard head sizes are stocked for the convenience of fast delivery.


Randy Schudalla, VP / GM
Ph. 936-825-6581

Neely Nickle, Sales Supervisor
Ph. 936-870-2580

Carie Conway, Inside Sales
Ph. 936-870-2583

Dustin Hudec, Inside Sales
Ph. 936-870-2561

Ken Wilder, Product Planning Manager
Ph. 936-825-6581

Tina Gorski, Credit Department

Randy Hemann, Sales Manager
Ph. 936-870-2528 / 936-825-5275

Kay Parkinson, Inside Sales
Ph. 936-870-2511

Blake Seiner, Inside Sales
Ph. 936-870-2507

Woodie Land, Quality Manager
Ph. 936-825-6581

Anissa Dalzell, Quality Documents
Ph. 936-825-6581

Delfina Galicia, Credit Department

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